About Us
"An institution is not made by mere bricks and stones, but by the strong character and integrity it instills in its students."

Vidya Residential High School is a Co-educational institution recognised by the govt. of Andra Pradesh. The school is managed by VIDYA EDUCATIONAL AND SPIRITUAL ACADEMY comprising intellectuals and eminent personalities from different fields and capably steered by Mr. Srisailam Racha currently the Secretary and Correspondent.

Our values for development of children at VIDYA RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL, are more than just a statement – they depict the ways of life:

Development of self-esteem
Induction of responsibility and morality
Harnessing of optimizing academic, leadership and creative potential
Development of critical, analytical and independent thinking
Education by mentoring

The traditional flower stands for perfection and thoughtfulness. The name – VIDYA directly coveys the essence of the Institution i.e. an environment which imbibes integrity and compassion within each learner.
The School logo is a combination of key elements which reflects the holistic development approach adopted at “ VIDYA RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL ”
1) The Sphere depicts our commitment to safeguard parents and stakeholder interest by providing right environment for pupils and nurturing young minds with the spirit of inquiry and fostering intellectual, ethical and social values within them.
2) The Book and Pen at the centre of the sphere represent the two core elements that embark on the world of knowledge and wisdom.
3) The Rising Sun like flower is emblem of glory, brilliance, thoughtfulness.
4) The Outstretched Arm coveys our welcoming culture.
5) The banner at the base signifies “Excellence” that we strive for.
6) The Crown depicts the Leadership quality we imbibe within our students so that they could excel in their respective fields.

Why us

Every child is special with his/her unique capabilities. The very objective of VRHS is to identify this uniqueness. The school is not created to force any specialization onto a child, but to nurture the natural ability whether it is artistic, analytical, scientific or linguistic.
Our emphasis on smaller teacher student ratio and constant tracking of child’s progress across various parameters, exemplifies this belief. We try to inculcate within the child qualities like strong character, true sense of duty, concept of oneness, humility for the development of their integrated personality.
At VRHS, we use technology to empower our students and parents. Students master even the difficult concepts through interactive smart classes and learn languages using language labs. Parents can track performance of their wards through various means such as Online Management Software, Sms alerts, Call centre facility and periodic visits by teachers.

We aspire to make our student’s journey at school a beautiful memory for them to cherish for a lifetime!

As we have staunch faith in the philosophical thought "Learning is the only treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere", we have designed a special curriculum which focuses on the holistic development of the students. We do not encourage rote learning. We expect the students to understand the concept and to have a wealth of enriching experiences. Then, we test their grasp of the concepts through various methods of evaluation. We assign worksheets, assignments and projects apart from conducting regular tests like slip test, unit test and term test. Further, we promote discussions, debates, role play and quizzes to arouse the interest of the students.

Teaching aids like flash cards, audio-visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, Over-Head Projectors, LCD are used to achieve clarity in the process of learning. As we have realized that computer-aided Instruction can play a vital role in the process of learning, we are using computers in the process of teaching. The latest addition to this is the incorporation of Educomp smart class learning tool in each of our classrooms.
Periodic and constructive assessments facilitate us to track the progress of every student. We do not assess the student's progress in the annual exam alone. We observe their progress periodically and report it to their parents.

The school spreads over a sprawling 2 acre campus to provide the state-of-the art world class infrastructure and to create an amicable environment for the process of learning and teaching to take place. VIDYA RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL is a 30 minute drive from the heart of the city in nizamabad. The structure of the school building is based on contemporary architectural design to ensure ultimate ambience and comfort. Built to allow natural light and ventilation, our school and hostel buildings offer the latest in comfort, convenience and planning. Needless to say, we take pride in providing the unique learning environment for our students.
Our Highlights
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